Cosmetic injections are for everyone

Have you considered cosmetic injections but don’t know where to start? Have you had a friend that went a little too far with filler?

Don’t worry, we got you!

Our goal isn’t to change what makes you, YOU, but instead to enhance your intrinsic beauty through subtle enhancements

We are passionate in ensuring that you look and feel your best in your own skin. We get it, we have been there too. Regardless of prior experience with medical aesthetics, age or skin type, you still have the potential to love the way you look.

We understand that you’re nervous that cosmetic injections may change how you look. This is a common concern that pops up in our chair, especially when it’s your first time or you’ve had a less-than-stellar cosmetic treatment in the past! We’re here to tell you that cosmetic treatments, when done tastefully, are undetectable. The purpose is to compliment your already existing features and not to change the unique features that make you, you.


Nothing like a nurses touch

We want you to feel taken care of. Subtle Enhancements is a team of nurses that provide delicate and sustainable injectable results to enhance your intrinsic beauty. As nursing professionals, we answer to the college of nurses, which is our regulatory body. All nurses must meet specific requirements in order to practice in Ontario. We must uphold high standards as nursing professionals and have the client’s best interest at heart. As a nurse, our core ethical values involve ​​client justice, beneficence, nonmaleficence, accountability, fidelity, autonomy, and veracity. In short, this means that we will always be completely honest about what is best for you, the risks and benefits of treatments, and providing you with high-quality care while you’re in our chair but also when you’ve left our chair through our follow up process. We are nurses first, and injectors second.

We specialize in Botox, Dysport, dermal fillers, lip injections, PDO threads and collagen-stimulating treatments. We are committed to providing you with several options for your concerns, transparency about your options, and all costs upfront. We won’t surprise you with any hidden fees and we won’t provide a treatment that we don’t feel is best for you. If we can’t do it, or we know someone that specializes in this particular treatment, we’ll refer you to them.

Kind Words

They really take their time to go out of their way to understand your needs and explain how they can help

They don’t discount anything you say – which has happened to me before when the service provider doesn’t take your needs or concerns into consideration because they’re too quick to already know what’s right. This was my first time seeing Nurse Hilary, but I will definitely return. I almost don’t want to recommend her to you because then her slots will fill up more quickly and I want to keep her to myself.

They are so warm and kind and put me at ease instantly. When it came time for my appointment, I felt very prepared for what to expect.

I have wanted to try filler/botox for years but I was always so scared to go for a consult. I took the plunge and saw Subtle Enhancements and I could not have been happier with the whole experience from start to finish. They were so professional and checked in with me often to ensure I was feeling OK during the procedure. As for the results? It may sound silly but the confidence boost I got as a result of these treatments is huge. 

They were extremely patient and knowledgable with all of my questions, they helped put my mind at ease and ensured me that I was in good hands.

Nurse Hilary made my first lip fillers experience the best that it could have been. I couldn’t be happier with her level of service and the results of my lips are better than I could’ve imagined. I will absolutely be going back to Nurse Hilary for any more subtle enhancements in the future.

Meet Our Medical Team


Founder, RPN, & Certified Nurse Injector


Growing up, Hilary thought she’d pursue a career as a veterinarian but after over a decade of working in animal medicine, Hilary figured out her passion was actually working with behavioral dogs in the rescue world. In 2017, Hilary graduated from Fleming College with a diploma in practical nursing. Following that, she went back to school for her bachelor of science in nursing (She’s 2 courses away from completion!) and will become a Baccalaureate prepared registered nurse in 2022. Unrelated to nursing, Hilary has also achieved her firefighting seal with the Ontario Fire Marshal office!

Fast forward to her first experience with lip filler, she immediately felt empowered and had a rush of self-confidence. Right then and there, she knew she wanted to help others feel the way that she felt that day. It wouldn’t be until a couple of years later, and the loss of her beloved brother, Ryan, that pushed her to pursue her dream of cosmetic nursing. Ryan was an entrepreneur, working as a musical engineer, and was the source of inspiration for the creation of Subtle Enhancements.  

Subtle Enhancements was founded in 2018 after Hilary achieved her certification in Botox and fillers through Ontario Medical Aesthetics. Following that, she shadowed an experienced nurse practitioner to hone her skill. She went on to work at several well known medical spas while building Subtle Enhancements. Her background in hospital nursing and shelter nursing gave her the perfect mix of assessment skills and knowledge to compliment her aesthetic nursing. Throughout the years, Hilary has continued to seek educational opportunities to further advance her skills by becoming certified in Deoxycholic Acid (fat dissolving), Radiesse, Sculptra, basic and advanced lip techniques, advanced botox, microneedling, PRP, and body treatments. 

When Hilary isn’t at work, you can find her always learning something new, walking with her husky, traveling the world, or doing absolutely nothing on the couch (who doesn’t love this?).

Favourite drink: Aperol Spritz
Pets: Remy (husky mix) & Seven (cat)
Horoscope: Gemini
Hobbies: Olympic weightlifting, lazy Sundays, horror movies
Favourite Treatment: Radiesse for neck bands and collagen stimulation

Arlena Headshot


RPN & Certified Nurse Injector


Arlena is our first edition to our nursing team. Arlena and Hilary attended nursing school together and were in the trenches together (aka clinical placements). Sitting in her chair, you’ll feel like your old friends but with no disregard to your safety or comfort. Arlena is a registered practical nurse that has 5 years of experience in long term care, with a specialization in dementia care. Not only has she been practicing for 5 years, but she’s been a certified cosmetic injector for 3 of those years! 

Arlena has always had an aesthetic eye and has been in the beauty industry from a young age where she started as a hairstylist for many years (she specializes in blondes). After nursing school, she pursued cosmetic nursing, which is the perfect blend of medicine and beauty, and allows her to use her creativity and passion for aesthetics. Arlena strives to help her clients look and feel their best on the inside and the outside. Arlena ruminates with our “less is more” approach. She’s our go to for all things lip injections!

When Arlena isn’t working, you can find her cooking up creating dishes in her home, kayaking, or biking. Arlena loves a good high-intensity work out and can be found frequenting F45! She is a new mom to a sweet little girl name Scarlett and enjoys spending quality time with her family at home. 

Favourite drink: pint of Keith’s
Pets: Dublin (Rottweiler), Bronson (cat), & Cushion (cat)
Hobbies: Cooking & kayaking
Horoscope: Scorpio
Favourite Treatment: Dysport for forehead lines


Medical Director, PHC-NP & Certified Nurse Injector

Jennie is our medical director, who oversees all of our treatments here at Subtle Enhancements. She’s a nurse practitioner that has an extended scope of practice which means she can prescribe, diagnose, order, and interpret tests. Pretty cool, right? She’s one smart cookie and she’s our go-to for any advanced medical questions, our sounding board, a good friend, and always available in the event of an injection emergency!

Jennifer is a masters-educated primary health care nurse practitioner celebrating over 11 years as a nursing professional. Jennie is a University of Western alumni, where she graduated with her BScN and then her Masters of Nursing and RN (EC) from the University of Toronto in 2015. Jennie completed her own aesthetic training and certification through The Canadian Association of Medical Aesthetics and has gone on to pursue many advanced injection certifications, including PDO threads. Jennifer has a passion for complication management and safety in aesthetics. At Subtle Enhancements, safety is our top priority, hence why Jennie fit into our team so seamlessly. 

She’s the founder of Real Beauty Rx, an aesthetic clinic located in Brantford, Ontario (check out her instagram @realbeauty.rx). Jennifer is also a busy mom to her 4 year old son, and maintains her position as an NP in family practice. Jennie is super active, and loves a good bike ride with her hubby. Talk about a go-getter!

Favourite drink: Starbucks Vanilla Cream Cold Brew
Pets: Loves cats but has none due to her hubby’s allergies
Hobby: Training for an olympic marathon
Horoscope: Pisces
Favourite Treatment: PDO Threads for collagen production


Medical Assistant & Future Firefighter

Jacky is a true Torontonian! She was born and raised in Toronto and now resides in the enchanting Parkdale neighborhood with her partner and their three dogs and two cats. Jacky has a background working in veterinary medicine (that’s how Hilary & Jacky met!) and she eventually moved into human medicine and is currently working at Toronto Western Hospital. Jacky is our behind-the-scenes gal, who does everything from sending out consent forms, to follow up emails, to scheduling clients. You’ve probably even talked to her on our instagram before. 

Jacky has her accreditation with the Ontario Fire Marshal Office in firefighting, and is in the midst of pursuing a career in firefighting. She’s one strong woman! Jacky has a huge interest in all things dog rescue, she is an avid collector of tattoos (like lots!), and loves sweating it out in a weightlifting or CrossFit class. She can usually be found at home with her little fam watching some odd horror flick, a cool new Netflix series, or just hanging with her closest buds!

Favourite drink: Coffee first, beer later
Pets: Luke & Obi (Boxer/American Bulldog crosses), Rosie (Heinz 57 but looks like a border collie/corgi mix), Delilah and Mila, her cats and about 20 houseplants.
Hobbies: CrossFit, weightlifting, Macramé
Horoscope: Pisces
Favourite Treatment: Lip Filler “cause ya girl wasn’t blessed with lips”, her words